United Way’s core mission is to Create Pathways Out of Poverty for all Angelenos by eradicating homelessness.  We’d like you to meet Dawn — she is the reason we walk. 

Everyday, brave women and men serve our country.  But after their service, not all of them return to the warm welcome they deserve.  Some even return to no home. Dawn was one of them.

Dawn proudly served in the U.S. Navy for seven years, four in active duty and three in the Navy Reserve. While Dawn was on her tour in the Gulf War, her resolve was tested after one of the ships in the fleet struck a mine. Dawn bravely completed her service, and returned home only to face economic and personal hardship. Circumstances arose that forced her to leave her apartment and live in her car for almost two years. She slept in hospital parking lots and tried to stay in other well-lit places, but the experience was terrifying.

Fortunately, her determination to get off the streets meant a chance at a new life. Her counselor at the V.A. told her about El Monte Veterans Village, a new 40-unit apartment building with supportive services on-site. She was accepted and now lives with a safe roof over her head.

Today, Dawn’s passion to serve continues.

“I really want to work with kids that are on the wrong track someday. Getting to that point takes a little work. But I have a house now, so I have time to focus on that goal.”

walkers_finish4United Way’s core mission is to Create Pathways Out of Poverty for all Angelenos by eradicating homelessness. In addition to relying on a “Housing First” approach, we’vejoined forces with members of the public, private and nonprofit sectors to pursue our goals of:

  • Ending chronic and veteran homelessness through a five-year action plan called Home For Good
  • Reducing the County’s overall homelessness rate by 75% by moving thousands of individuals intopermanent housing with supportive services

Together, we can end homelessness.
Permanent housing with supportive services is a proven model for ending homelessness, with a success rate of over 85%. But it takes all of us working together and success starts with you. Please give your money, your time and your voice so we can save thousands of people from a life of hardship on the streets.

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