Meet the Millers, Marva & Rodney — our true HomeWalk Heroes!

The Millers are two parents with three kids. When the mom faced legal challenges, the dad spent all of his money on lawyers trying to resolve her situation and the family ended up homeless. Thanks to United Way and its partner Door of Hope, the Millers are in their own home and saving money for their new life together.

Marva honorably served her country in the U.S. Navy during the Persian Gulf War. When she got home, she suffered a debilitating injury and was no longer able to work. Eventually, she ended up homeless. Thanks to the support of United Way and its partners, Marva–and thousands of people just like her–have found pathways out of poverty to a brighter future.

After his mother died, Rodney slipped into such a deep depression that he lost his job and ended up homeless. With the help of United Way and its partner OPCC, today Rodney is finally home and is dedicating his life to helping homeless individuals.

Photo courtesy of AxisPhotography.com

Photo courtesy of AxisPhotography.com

We need your help to raise critical funds to move our most vulnerable neighbors into homes. $10 from 10 friends or family members will get you to $100, so start fundraising now.

United Way’s core mission is to Create Pathways Out of Poverty for all Angelenos by eradicating homelessness among:

  • Families who now represent the fastest-growing segment of the homeless population and who have fallen on hard times as a result of illness, job loss or divorce;
  • Veterans and chronically homeless individuals who comprise the costliest segment of the homeless population due to long-term disability, mental health or substance abuse issues.

In addition to relying on a “Housing First” approach, we’ve joined forces with members of the public, private and nonprofit sectors to pursue our goals of:

  • Ending chronic and veteran homelessness by 2016 through the implementation of a comprehensive five-year action plan called Home for Good; and
  • Reducing the County’s overall homelessness rate by 75% by moving thousands of affected individuals into permanent housing with a network of supportive services.
  • To learn more about the state of homelessness in Los Angeles after the 2013 Homeless Count, click here.

Together, we can end homelessness.
Permanent housing with supportive services is a proven model for ending homelessness, with a success rate of over 85%. But it takes all of us – nonprofit, public and private sectors, faith-based, philanthropic, labor and community members across L.A. County. Success starts with you. Please give your money, your time and your voice so we can save thousands of people from a life of hardship on the streets.

Register and fundraise now.

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