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Community Conversations Report

As part of our celebration of a century of service to the Greater Los Angeles community, we connected with more than 100 people from across the region and engaged them in insightful conversations about the issues and challenges facing LA County, and the role United Way of Greater Los Angeles should play as we enter the next 100 years.

Community Conversations Report

We’re excited to share our “Community Conversations Report”, a comprehensive reflection that analyzes key findings and learnings found in the surveys, one-on-one discussions and collective conversations with nonprofit partners, corporate and business leaders, county residents and others.

Check out the report to find out what partners and neighbors are calling on UWGLA to do to address the most pressing issues facing Angelenos today.

Community Conversations Report

voices engaged throughout all mediums


one-on-one conversations with community partners


non-profit, philanthropic, and civic leaders

Why we do what we do

Putting our mission into action.

Client and tax prep volunteer speak at a shared table


Single mother

After receiving financial support, mental health counseling, and other resources from our partners at Heart of Los Angeles (HOLA), Gilda and her four children were able to get back on their feet after overwhelming uncertainty and the loss of a loved one.

Yecenia speaking into a microphone at a Youth Civic Leadership Program event


Young Civic Leadership Program (YCLP) graduate

As Yecenia grew up in a one-bedroom apartment with five other family members north of Koreatown, she dreamt of attending UC Berkeley. But she struggled to find guidance to help her reach her goal until she joined YCLP where she learned valuable leadership skills and received one-on-one mentorship from people she could relate to. Now she’s part of UC Berkeley’s Class of ‘23.

Patient standing in front of mobile health clinic


Unhoused community member

While Victor, an unhoused older adult in his early 50s, was receiving a COVID-19 test from our Health Pathways partners at St. John’s, they discovered that Victor had extremely high blood pressure and rushed him to the hospital. Because he had access to medical care, Victor was saved from having a stroke.

Oscar posing with three family members holding a sign that reads #FutureGauchos


Young Civic Leadership Program (YCLP) graduate

Faced with completely virtual instruction for his first semester of college and no internet-enabled device, Oscar received a free laptop through YCLP. The gift allowed him to continue to pursue his degree online.

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