At the heart of Health Net’s mission is the unwavering belief that every person, regardless of age, income, employment status, or health condition, is entitled to a comprehensive health safety net. This principle aligns with our own goals, making our longstanding partnership with Health Net a cornerstone in our mission to disrupt cycles of poverty in Los Angeles. Health Net’s commitment to actively providing health plans for a wide range of beneficiaries – from individuals and families to businesses of all sizes, including those qualifying for state programs like Medi-Cal or Medicare, promotes healthier lifestyles and plays a significant role in combating poverty within our communities. 

We take great pride in having Martha Santana-Chin, Health Net President of Medi-Cal and Medicare, serve on our Board of Directors. Her leadership has been instrumental in shaping our partnership with Health Net. She has spearheaded initiatives like our Senior Homelessness program, investments in back-office support infrastructure for housing/homelessness nonprofits and the Workforce Development Leadership Table. Her guidance has been invaluable in our quest to create a healthier and more prosperous Los Angeles. 

As a gold sponsor for WalkUnitedLA 2024, Health Net has shown an unwavering commitment to our cause. Their significant contribution is helping us reach our fundraising goal of $1.3M. We are grateful for their steadfast support and for sharing in our mission to build communities of prosperity across our region by advocating for preventative healthcare and overall well-being. 

During the WalkUnitedLA event, attendees had the opportunity to visit the Health Net RV and gain valuable insights into managing and preventing chronic diseases. Health Net’s dedicated professionals shared their expertise on maintaining good health and preventing illnesses like diabetes or high blood pressure. 

Our heartfelt thanks go to Health Net for their relentless support and unwavering commitment to fostering healthier communities in Los Angeles. We look forward to continuing our joint efforts to make Los Angeles a healthier and more prosperous region for all.