For the last 6 months, Nancy had been coached on tracking her spending and creating a budget through the help of a financial coach from the Building Skills Partnership (BSP), supported by the United Way of Greater Los Angeles. Together with her coach, they outlined a goal to spend less on clothes and save $20 for each of her children every month. Additionally, Nancy received an education on improving her credit and the factors that affect a person’s credit score. Nancy immigrated to the United States from El Salvador and is the daughter of a janitorial worker. Her partner is also an immigrant janitor and together they have two children. She found her way into the Building Skills Partnership through free tax preparation assistance. As a result of the positive experience Nancy, became a BSP financial Capabilities Program Ambassador to assist with program outreach. After being trained on how to conduct financial classes and facility group coaching sessions, Nancy helped BSP reach over 100 low income workers at their worksites for group financial coaching, and over 50 of her own peers to receive similar help through financial education workshops.  

Nancy also participates in BSP’s Parent Engagement Program, which encourages parent involvement in their children’s education and provides STEM-focused learning activities. Nancy and her family also participated in BSP’s Health & Wellness Program; more specifically, attending the United Way of Greater LA’s HomeWalk and received health and check-up information through the BSP health fair.

Real stories and experiences like Nancy is why the economic mobility focus and support from United Way of Greater Los Angeles is important to the local community. Not only is it creating support, partnerships and assurances to prevent individuals and families from falling into homelessness but it also lifts those to strive to live above the poverty line by creating a network of assistance through informative education. Learn more on how you can support and be a part of the economic mobility challenge! 

Nancy Economic Mobility free tax prep