With the first few weeks of a brand-new year underway, it’s easy to overlook the world around us. We often focus on personal and professional goals while taking inventory of our own lives.  

But now’s the moment to pause and think about the world around you. 

Now’s the time to think about the tens of thousands of people without a home. It’s time to think about the older gentleman sleeping on the bus bench, the single mother couch surfing in between jobs, or the teenager fleeing from a violent home. 

It can feel overwhelming and too big of a problem to fix. But that’s just not true. When you give time, demonstrate kindness, and donate money, it makes a difference. And when other people do the same, these efforts add up to creating significant change. 

All this to say, the 2024 Annual Homeless Count is taking place from January 23-25, and we need volunteers. 

What is the Homeless Count and why does it matter? 

The Homeless Count occurs as a requirement of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, and the data collected is an important component in better understanding the current scope and nature of homelessness. Furthermore, the data helps government agencies and service providers (like LAHSA) to deliver services where they’re needed most. 

In January, thousands of volunteers will spread out across the 4,000 sq. miles of Los Angeles County. Working in small groups, volunteers will tally the number of unsheltered individuals, tents, vehicles, and make-shift shelters they see in their assigned census tract.  It’s fair to ask if this is safe for volunteers to do – and yes, it is safe! 

We hope you’ll sign up here and encourage others to join you! 


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