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Student Success Fund

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What is it?

The Student Success Fund is a program providing financial support to LACCD students that are facing hardship that may negatively impact their academic success.

This initiative was designed to provide students with funding that can be tailored to address their individual needs, whether it’s an unexpected financial emergency, transportation costs, childcare expenses, or simply the high cost of living. The program promotes inclusivity, addressing the diverse and often unique financial struggles students face. Ultimately, a flex fund program contributes to a more equitable learning environment, ensuring that all community college students have the opportunity to succeed regardless of their financial circumstances.


About 20% of students in the Los Angeles Community College District are enrolled full-time. Students aren’t able to enroll as full-time students for multiple reasons including poverty (53% of LACCD students are below the poverty line and 62.7% suffer from food insecurity) and lack of familiarity with the system (56% are first generation college students).

To learn more or to find out how to apply for funding, please contact Martha Maciel Serratos at