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Pico Union Community Dialogue

End of Year Celebration
Saturday, December 9th 9:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Pico Union Community Dialogue

Address: Children’s Bureau, 1910 Magnolia Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90007 (Conference A+B)

We are excited to extend an invitation on behalf of United Way and the Pico Union network to join us for a special community gathering where we will learn what makes Pico Union such a vibrant and special community.

Together, we will explore the unique strengths and talents of Pico Union as well as the collective economic power we hold.

Join us to explore how we can use these strengths to build an economy that benefits those that participate in the production or consumption of goods, a shared economy led by Pico Union residents for Pico Union.

Please join us for this engaging conversation and learn more about how you can contribute to our community’s well-being.