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Fundraising FAQs

Updated 8.28.2023

  1. What is United Way of Greater Los Angeles?

    United Way of Greater Los Angeles is one of LA’s most trusted nonprofits, mobilizing neighbors and investments to support each other in a crisis and build a future where everyone shares in our region’s wealth and prosperity.

    We believe that no one should have to sleep on a sidewalk or in a car.
    We advocate through legislation, using it as a powerful tool to help people across the county. We’ve raised millions to preserve, expand and scale affordable housing.
    We invest to empower historically disadvantaged communities of color.
    We work to build committed partnerships, invest funds and resources, and advocate for policy changes that will equitably move families and people forward.

  2. How will the money I raise benefit people in Los Angeles?

    The funds you raise can dramatically improve the lives of those who need it most in our community by investing in new ways to end homelessness, create more affordable housing, and support communities that have often been overlooked. This can help these neighborhoods build wealth over generations and provide equal opportunities for success in the future.

    Learn more here:

  3. What should my fundraising goal be?

    Any amount of money you raise will go a long way to help people in need and support building equitable communities. Common goal amounts are $250, $500, and $1000 – round numbers that are easy to divide up and to remember. You can also choose a number that has some kind of personal meaning or significance to you, e.g., $560 for your 56th birthday. 

  4. How long should my fundraiser last?

    Ideally your fundraiser should last long enough for you to reach out to people more than once and give them time to learn more. A week or two is usually a good starting point, but you can extend that if your fundraising goal is on the higher side or you want to give yourself plenty of time to spread the word. 

  5. Who should I ask for donations?

    You can ask anyone you feel comfortable talking to, including your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and social media followers. The nature of your relationship might determine how you ask them. For example, you might text or call a close personal friend with a direct ask, but send an email to a group of coworkers.