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Setting up a fundraiser

Getting started is easy! Just choose a platform and follow the step-by-step instructions below.
LAFH Worker

Create a fundraiser page

Step 1: Fill out a short form

When you click on the “Get Started” button below, you’ll see a pop-up window prompting you to name your fundraiser, select a display photo, set a fundraising goal, write a brief message, and choose an end date. You can edit these later!

Step 2: Verify your email

Once you submit the basic information for your fundraiser, you’ll see another pop-up window asking for your email. After you enter it, you should receive an email with a code that you can enter in a new pop-up window.

Step 3: Launch your fundraiser

After your email is verified, you’ll receive another email with a link to your fundraiser that you can share via email or social media, and another link to track donations.

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Fundraise on Facebook

Step 1: Find us on the Fundraisers tab

Log into your Facebook account, go to or choose “Fundraisers” in the left-hand menu, click “Raise money” and then click “Nonprofit,” and find United Way of Greater Los Angeles by scrolling down or typing it into the search bar.

Step 2: Fill out a short form

Add a cover photo, a name, the goal, and end date for your fundraiser. 

Step 3: Launch your fundraiser

​​Click “Create.” You’ll see a pop-up window inviting you to share your fundraiser directly, post it to your feed, or donate to it yourself.