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Lead a Workplace Giving Campaign

Updated 9.19.2023

Workplace Giving Campaigns are a great way to get your entire company involved in making a difference. While campaigns are run by internal advocates taught to maximize giving during the campaign, we will be there to support you every step of the way. Use the tools below to help ensure your campaign’s success from the very beginning.

  1. Emails

    These email templates are intended to help you introduce and promote your giving campaign. Each email is purposefully written to share the unique channels and emphases of United Way of Greater Los Angeles’ work. As the workplace ambassador, you should customize each email (as outlined) to fit the needs of your organization.

    Email template samples

  2. Logos

  3. Impact Report

    This impact report provides an overview of United Way of Greater Los Angeles’ most recent accomplishments, showing measurable results of our work along with case studies of families and individuals who have received the benefits of successful giving campaigns. It’s a good idea to share this with your entire organization.

    Download 2022 Impact Report

  4. Posters

    Print this posters to promote your giving campaign around the office. During the giving season, you can put up to inform and encourage your organization to contribute.



    Printing Suggestions:  11×17, double-sided, 80lb. stock, cut trim

  5. Videos

    As you encourage your organization to contribute to United Way of Greater Los Angeles, you can share our Centennial video below, which provides an overview of our mission and what we look ahead as we step from one century into the next. You can include it in your emails when you kick off your campaign.

    Legacy of Hope Video

  6. Volunteer and engagement opportunities

    United Way of Greater Los Angeles works year-round to host and promote exciting community engagement opportunities across the county. Stay informed by signing up for our newsletter here.